About Us

Lariko Studio - clothing manufacturer.

Clothes for women and men with their own individual style.

LARIKO Studio is a family company that creates things you can fall in love with. 

We had the idea to start making clothes back in 2020. In the process of trial and error, we chose the direction we like - Eco-clothing. The materials we use are cotton and linen.  We want to give people a quality product, not just an ordinary thing. Our team members have a lot of experience and are specialists in their field. The main one in production is a tailor with more than 20 years of professional experience. 

We try to use high quality materials so that the clothes serve customers for a long time.

We use our own design, create prototypes and sew clothes to order. Most often we create limited collections. Our main styles are boho and casual. We are inspired by modern fashion, but we do not forget about the comfortable cut of clothes of the past years.  

We produce: dresses, shirts, skirts, vests, cotton bags, valises, blouses, pants, overalls, T-shirts and other clothes.

You can see more information about our company and news on our Instagram and Facebook. You can see our history, follow sales and be inspired by new styles.



We also invite you to visit the website of our Tailor Atelie.

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