Let's collab!

Earn together with us!

If you have a promoted social media or blog or you have a lot of friends you can work and earn remotely online.
We are looking for men and women who are interested in fashion and know how to sell.
Apply for a chance to be part of our affiliate program!

What does it look like to collaborate with us? We work through an official blogger affiliation platform.
The platform accrues the blogger 15% of the sold item after confirmation of purchase. 


If you are interested in cooperation write us an email. The title of the email write - Collaboration.

Also answer a couple of our questions and tell us more about yourself in the e-mail. 

- Name

- Where are you from?

- What social profiles do you have?

- Insert a link to your Instagram/TikTok/Youtube profile

or other social networks, websites.

- How would you like to promote our product? ❤️

- Your e-mail ( so we can contact you)

Write answers to all questions in your e-mail and we will contact you to offer possible cooperation. Good luck!

Earn together with us! Lariko Studio