Men's muslin shirt Navy blue

Men's muslin shirt Navy blue

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Pictured is the shirt in Poseidon (navy blue).The shirt has long sleeves that can be rolled up to the elbow, and its soft muslin material makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, such as meetings with friends, vacations or work at the office, regardless of the season. The neckline of the shirt is decorated with brown buttons, referring to the organic trend, and the light and airy material ensures comfort and convenience in any situation. Dirty blue is a unique color, it does not show dirt and depending on the weather can look lighter or darker.

In addition, it is worth noting that the muslin fabric of this shirt is perfectly suited for summer and autumn days. Thanks to its breathability, it provides adequate cooling on hot days, while protecting against the chill during the cooler days of autumn.


  • Cotton muslin shirt
  • Different colours
  • Sleeve wrapped with a high cuff
  • Decorative button trim
  • Loose cut


The picture shows the shirt in size L.


*Dimensions shown may have an error of about +-1 cm.


Composition: 100% cotton (muslin)



Please note that the size chart shows body measurements, not product dimensions.

Before purchasing, we strongly recommend you to measure your measurements, for example, measure your chest circumference and add about 14 cm for "free fit". (We always add about 14 cm)

For example, if you have a chest circumference = 100 cm (in the table it is size L), you will get a shirt with a chest circumference of 114 cm.

If you think the shirt will be too loose, we recommend ordering a smaller size.

Only loose garments are sewn from muslin.




We sew all our products ourselves and use materials available in the local market :)

LARIKO Studio - is a Polish family company, creating things that let you fall in love. We produce all things with attention to every detail.


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